To facilitate the reconnection to the land and to make it not only accessible but attractive for the new generation of sustainable


The purpose of Jordforbindelsen is to mobilise all players in the value chain for joint action to support agriculture that is socially, economically and ecologically sustainable.

Jordforbindelsen vil købe landbrugsjorden fri og sikre at den bliver dyrket bæredygtigt.

Through our platform we will facilitate “the last transaction” of agricultural soil. We will give consumers and companies the opportunity to “Buy Back Denmark – 1 m2 at the time” and we will donate the land to a newly established organic land trust. The land will be “de-commodified”, meaning that it will never be put on the market again. The land will be debt-free and rented out at a favourable price to farmers who will farm it regeneratively. This will secure the land from speculation, secure it from polluting chemicals, preserve biodiversity, make it accessible for aspiring farmers and make generationshifts possible.

 Through different campaigns we will make it possible for consumers and businesses to donate money for this cause. If people wish to have our agricultural land used for more diversified and regenerative farming, they now have a possibility to ensure that will happen, also in the long term.  

Jordforbindelsen.dk will also serve as window for consumers to see what is happening on the farms that they are supporting. We will develop content, campaigns and events that that engages consumers, creates transparency, educates and inspires.



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